2 Rangs de Malbec – UNFINISHED STATE

‘2 Rangs de Malbec’ -UNFINISHED STATE
oil on canvas
36 x 48 cm (8F)
Unfinished state – I could say that about myself… ‘work in progress’; hummm.

my fauvist desires

Actually I did this one a week ago. But since then I’ve been too busy with other obligations & not had the time to consider finishing this plein-air oil. In the studio. Since then the leaves have fallen off & browned off to a raw sienna rich bronze. I post a photo of the red leaves as proof. Yes I have fauvist leanings towards to heightened colour. The leaves did exist. Often people don’t believe bright colours but often this is because they have not looked enough at nature.
Yes, there’s also the plein-airist dilema of how to make light into paint….hmmm, thoughts on the back boiler as I’m to busy to paint but I’LL be back!
Off to Cahors to paint this afternoon, in the land of the malbec vine.