14 Rangs de Cabernet Franc – tableau de vignoble – painting of vines

’14 Rangs de Cabernet Franc’
Oil on Canvas
25 F (81 x 65 cm, 32 x 26 inches approx)
© The Artist.
’14 Rangs de Cabernet Franc’ – 14 rows of Cabernet Franc, being the name of the type of vine.
This cepage is not the wide spread in the Bergerac Appellation to my knowledge. I once chatted about cabernet franc to Dr.Barriat, the advisory oenologue for the appellation, when we were doing a promotional tour in Belgium together (wine & art), & he said that yes, it was more an ‘old world’ cepage, more like Bordeaux than New South Wales. I remember vendanging the cabernet franc in my uncle-in-law’s vineyards for several seasons. I like the way the grapes hang in this type of vine & how the sarments grow in a very dnse & fertile fashion.

alla prima plein-air painting

This is a one-take, alla prima plein-air piece. It’s a work in progress, as don’t yet know if it’s finished or not – or if it needs some fermenting in the studio. Let it rest a bit, methinks ……. fast slow fast slow slow off on off on, the deeper work happens at it’s own pace.

2 Comments on “14 Rangs de Cabernet Franc – tableau de vignoble – painting of vines

  1.  by  Cathy Gatland

    Hello Adam – have just come across your blog – lovely to look at these Dordogne scenes again where we ‘the Three Sisters’ from Australia, USA and South Africa had such a wonderful painting holiday at the Chateau a year ago.
    Best wishes, Catherine (SA)

  2.  by  Adam

    hello cathy

    how nice to hear from you 🙂

    hope you enjoy this blog.

    i remember you had a real feel for watercolour paint & how it spreads out under one’s hands.hope you are finding the time to paint.

    best wishes to you & your sisters;