tellyfans 8

quiet pleased with this one 🙂   better copyright but that wont stop anyone from doing whatever they want with this jpeg will it?   anyway here goes… ha….. ©  

Viola Les Enfants :-)

A5 sketchbook everybody had to be drawn! every child wanted a drawing of herself…it was fun, i enjoyed it.. happy

Hieratic vs.Gestural Drawing Styles – Zadkine

‘Busker – sculptor on the streets’ A5 sketchbook    This sculptor carving on the streets on market day (else he’d get moved on by the gendarmes) at Castillonnés.  Drawing ‘sur la vif’ moving targets. I’ve observed one tendancy , that which I call my ‘Hieratic Style’, as if an Egpytian or Modernist freeze ‘à la…

Bed Time Story 12 & 13

  ‘Bed Time Story 13’ 2010 Sanguine 40 x 40 cm ©adam cope   ‘Bed Time Story 12’ 2010 Sanguine 40 x 40 cm ©adam cope