‘Gateway, Chateau de Beduer – contrajour’
30 x 40cm (approx 11 x 15 inches).
© The Artist
‘Gateway, Chateau de Beduer – sunlit from behind’
30 x 40cm (approx 11 x 15 inches).
© The Artist.Same gate, different lighting. Not just a cloudy vs. sunny day but the light in front of you as opposed to the light coming from behind. Good exercise!

These two watercolours were demonstrations from Chateaux Painting Holidays, France 2010 & 2011. I talk about demonstrations & art teaching here. Therees also some Youtube short demos to see there too. Enjoy 🙂

Great two weeks of painting holidays at Chateau de Beduer, sw France

great venue

“Many, many thanks to you and to Sue and Marie-Line for setting up and running such an enjoyable holiday. We both had a great time. Both groups were fun if not a little different. With your help and enthusiasm I felt the painting was a great success and I am sure that we made some progress. Beduer really is a magical place.” Chris, UK. June 2009.

great painting

great learning


“I had such a good time on your course , I wasn’t sure how I would feel about doing art again, since I had decided to abandon it for the most part. Still, I had not anticipated the power of persuasion that the location, good people(the back-up team), but most of all your very intuitive methods of tuition had on me. I do really appreciate too all the tremendous hard work and enthusiasm you and the mighty Sue(what a mum!),must have put into this project to make it run so smoothly.” Nerina, Ireland. June 2009

great enquiring & listening


finally Sue our faithful assistant (hospitality, help with food & wine & informal teaching) accepted to be photographed!

“Thank you both so much, Adam & Suzanne, for a wonderful week. Your energy & commitment to ensuring we all had a superb time was tremendous. I have joined a little art group here & was asked what I learnet from France – & I think it was to look & to see – thank you Adam for that & also for the experience of seeing the prehistoric cave of Pech Merle. How wonderful. ” Joan, Australia. June 2009.

great food & wine

great fun & great people !

“We had a truly five star holiday; thank you all for making it so. I loved both weeks worth of other guests and they were so different.” Joy, UK. June 2009

more to come in part two

Happy to report that bookings are already good for next year 🙂

The green Dordogne in sunny spring time

dorgdogne, tableau, peinture plein-air



Commissioned painting
130 x 84cm (approx 52 x 33 inches).

Finished this large oil, which was a commission. I really enjoyed doing this commission.

Partly because the place is just so amazing:

….the view looking behind the other way

Partly because it was great to do a large oil painting ‘en plein-air’ .. it took many days to complete :

…don’t fall off the cliff edge! large canvas blow over in the wind….

& partly because the person was a real pleasure to work with.

The painting itself presented some challenges that I don’t usually undertake in my personal selection of what /how to paint. But flexibility is good for me, I feel. All in all , highly enjoyable.

see the initial compositional sketch

….. to give you an idea of the size (note that the roof is now back on the studio but I haven’t wired up the spot lights yet).

Big but not very good painting this

‘Grand Roc – Les Eyzies, Dordogne’ – Finished state
Oil on Canvas
86,5 x 76 cm (approx 34 x 30 inches).
© Adam Cope
POST SCRIPT 2013 – i don’t think this a good painting. There’s still a challenge for me : how to paint the rocks & cliffs well? I’ve not yet finished with this yet…

a little aside about small & large paintings

This is a large oil painting & not a small oil painting. ie one dimension is larger than 81 cm or
32 inches. Have you noticed how large oil paintings look kind of far away or difficult to see in small sized jpg’s on the internet ? Wilst small paintings tend to look close up & gain in imapct on the internet @ 500 pixels largest dimension… so see above image for a detail which isn’t life-size but it gives you a better feel.


In the upcoming solo show at Galerie Ap’Art in Marcilhac sur Célé , Lot, (4 July – 31 July. Vernissage – lundi soir 4 Juillet ), I will be showing some of my cliffs & rock paintings.


Dates Exhibitions Summer 2011

Dates Exhibitions Summer 2011

* 4 July – 31 July. solo – Galerie Ap’Art, Marcilhac sur Cele, LOT

vernissage – lundi soir 4 Juilliet

* 17 – 24 August . solo – La Maison des Vins de BERGERAC

* 25 August – 24 September. ASSA group show – Galerie de la Presbytere, ST.AVIT DE SENIEUR

vernissage – dimanche apres-midi 28 Aout

* 12 September – 26 September. Solo – Galerie Andre Malraux, SARLAT