River Dropt 1

river dropt 1

‘river dropt 1’
15 x 11 ” – 28 x 38 cm
© adam cope


winter’s day lost in fog
last places

Dordogne River Study 2- swans at lalinde

Dordogne River Study 2- swans at lalinde

‘Dordogne River Study 2- swans at lalinde’
watercolour by Adam Cope
15 x 11inches
© adam cope


swans at lalinde – foggy winter day

Dordogne river study 1

watercolour dordogne

‘Sunlight Breaking Through’
quarter sheet
28 x 38 cm (approx 15 ” x 11″)
© adam cope


white light on black river
broken trees on the island
the river is high

Poplar Grove – Evening Sunlight

polpar grove

‘Poplar Grove – Evening Sunlight’
28 x 38 cm (approx 15 x 11″)
© adam cope


i drive past these trees most days. they are a kind of sundial to me.

Plum Tree

plum in fruit watercolour by Adam Cope

‘Plum Tree’
32 x 24 cm (approx 12,5 x 9,5 inches)
© Adam Cope

heavy with fruit

old fruit tree

still giving


Sunflowers 9

watercolour painting by adam cope of a field of sunflowers from dordogne,

‘sunflowers 9’
watercolour painting
© adam cope

Not a host of golden daffodils but a field of star-bright sunflowers. Love these plants, so valiant, always shining, face towards the sun.

Sunflowers 8

watercolour painting of sunflowers

‘Sunflowers 8’
watercolour painting
50 x 40 cm
© adam cope

Some yellow acrylic highlights in this one, so not a totally Transparent Watercolour .
Some paintings go that way & if they require you to ‘break the rules’ , then that is what must be done, as it’s picture-making first & foremost (& not some dreary, step-by-step, formulaic type of watercolour , which frankly, has more resemblance to an obsessional activity than the magic of creating a painting). I guess it boils down to listening to what the painting requires rather than a slavish obedience to rules. What is so wrong with the odd bit of yellow acrylic anyway? The sunflowers sing ‘yellow! yellow !yellow! ‘… what would they care about a painting that missed the mark & didn’t have enough yellow?

Sunflowers 7

watercolour of sunsflowers on a white background

‘Sunflowers 7’
67 x 55 cm
©adam cope

‘where the bee sucks, there suck I’ – gentle will


the bee rich in honey

works his way round

the giant yellow sundial

clever ol’ yellow pants!

his pockets bulging with summer

a thousand smiling faces

turn towards the sun



hope u dont mind me talking to myself here silently in this quiet blog  as the comments are deafening !


or was it just the bad poetry???






Sunflowers 6

watercolour by adam cope - a perfect beauty sunflower

‘a perfect beauty! sunflower six’
38 x 28 cm
© adam cope


a perfect  beauty!
if u thinking about knicking my copyright & using this image – not nice!
write for a free license to most small biz in excahnge for accreditaion & link to me
perfectly so
such is this
not scared to announce itself the sunflower faces the sun & smailes


Sunflowers 5

watercolour of a sunflower on a blue background

‘sunflowers 5’
38 x 25 cm
© adam cope

one of series…

“A perfect beauty of a sunflower! a perfect excellent lovely sunflower existence! a sweet natural eye to the new hip moon, woke up alive and excited grasping in the sunset shadow sunrise golden monthly breeze! “- exerpt from ‘Sunflower Sutra’ by Allen Ginsberg


jumping for joy this one