Sunflowers 9

watercolour painting by adam cope of a field of sunflowers from dordogne,

‘sunflowers 9’
watercolour painting
© adam cope

Not a host of golden daffodils but a field of star-bright sunflowers. Love these plants, so valiant, always shining, face towards the sun.

8 Comments on “Sunflowers 9

  1.  by  Cynnie

    What a fabulous array of sunflowers you present here on your blog….amazing!
    Cynthia Schelzig

  2.  by  AK

    You must be really fond of sunflowers. They are all brilliant.

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    nice of u 2 to bother commenting

    glad u enjoyed them

    i’d do more if i had time on my hands!

    they are a lovely subject

  4.  by  Dabblerteer

    I’m somewhat colorblind to red and green so I am strongly attracted to compositions of the colors I can see well, strong yellows and blues. And, I’m especially attracted to sunflowers; they remain a special childhood memory.

    Your sunflowers are especially pleasing. Thank you for sharing them.

  5.  by  Painting Service in Vancouver

    this is a nice creation. The main thing is its color used. I have saved your picture and make it as my desktop. Its having a very soft color combination, which really is having a b’ful looks.

  6.  by  Adam Cope

    thnx :–)

    dabblerteer : wise to play 2 yr strengths, rather than get hung up on difficulties about what u r & can not be sure of. i wish u ‘bon chemin’ with yr yellows & blues, which r such a happy sunny combination anyway 🙂

    PS vancouver : thx — yes i choose my subjects & compositions for colour, glad u like them 🙂