Electric Guitar Busker – ‘L’Assurance Vie’ – life insurance?

‘Busker’ A5 scribble in ink Market day in Bergerac. Busker with electric guitar & vox-box on the pavements. I particularily liked the juxtaposition between him, the artist doubtlessly living in precarity, and the publicity for life insurance. Everything has its price & the price of a life of creativity is often financial insecurity. I thinK…

Alison & her Cello

My Drawings & watercolours of musicians … here this talented musician plays the cello, i draw with a brush directly in red ink & watercolour, massenet i think it was 🙂   ‘Alison & her Cello’ Copyright. © adam cope Aquarelle des musicians & celloists watercolour [button color=”green” size=”medium” align=”center” link=”https://www.artists-atelier.com//piantings/music”]more gesture drawings of musicians[/button]