"Les Mercredis de Jazz" Bergerac

‘LES MERCREDIS DE JAZZ’ au ‘CLOITRE DE RECOLLETS.’ Bergerac . Croquis. Tous Droits Reserves.

Well that was the summer show, now finished… my exhibition in the historic heart of Bergerac with about 700 visitors a day.

To see Europe on holiday & meet alot people from all over is a great privilege & is fertilizing for me as an artist, and yes, as something of a showman.

The other spectacles going on around in ‘La Cloitre’ were fun too. Enjoyed the music & the whole summer holiday feel. Did some sketching, in the dark, in the crowds.

Without being self-excusing, but this concert did not really have enough ambiant light to paint by but hey, painting blind in the pitch dark does get the hand to eye to music co-ordination going – FUN!