Drawings of Painters Painting

Sunny weather brings the painters out ‘en plein air’…. Here’s some sketches from a recent day of teaching. I greatly enjoy these painting days with such good company, a honour to teach & to watch other painter’s creativity & learning open like the new spring leaves to the sun light. Graphite, A5 Sketchbook

Hieratic vs.Gestural Drawing Styles – Zadkine

‘Busker – sculptor on the streets’ A5 sketchbook    This sculptor carving on the streets on market day (else he’d get moved on by the gendarmes) at Castillonnés.  Drawing ‘sur la vif’ moving targets. I’ve observed one tendancy , that which I call my ‘Hieratic Style’, as if an Egpytian or Modernist freeze ‘à la…

Carnival à Castillonnès

‘Val diguisé comme un sanglier’ Graphite A5 © The Artist. ….et voici Kermasse il y trois ans, déja!       Val graphite A5 2007 © the artist

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WORK IN PROGRESS ‘Mistletoe’ medium size oil on canvas French format : 15 F – 65 x 54 cm (approx 21 x 26 inches) © adam cope Actually I think it’s finished now. I had to wait long time for a another sunny evening when I has some free time to paint.