Painting Courses in France

I’m back from teaching two painting courses at the chateau de beduer.

All went well. We have over thirty percent student return-rate (as we’ve been running since 1998, it’s always nice to see familar faces & old friends), which counts for us. Nice to be able to say that we are recommended by Time Out London as well as France magazine.

Some photos from the Lot, France

Here are some photographs of the event. First, in this post, some of the setting & then in another, I’ll post some photos of the students hard at work (yes, students do tend to work hard & put in long hours!).

The Lion Gates, Entrance to Chateau de Beduer, Lot , France. This photo shows the medieval part of the chateau, dating from the Hundred Years War.

Two guardians of the seventeenth century wing.

Beautiful early morning valley mists from the specular terraces.

Lots of colourful painting opprtunities

The chateau is located in ‘le Parc Naturel des Causses de Quercy’, so nature is protected & agriculture isn’t intensive, monocultural & out-sized.

The shady lime trees in the park

happy days in a beautiful place 🙂 Lucky me, beauty is good for happines.