Drawing of Bach’s "Ciaccona" Partita No.2 in D minor

‘Concert at Beduer’
Graphite pencil
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

During the second week of the Chateaux Painting Holidays that I lead about a week ago, there was a classical concert in the chateau itself. It was a Bach evening; a celloist who played some of the solo cello pieces with beautiful sonority. And a violonist of talent, Monsiuer Oliver PONS, who interpreted the “Ciaccona” from the D flat violin Partita no.2 beautifully… & slowly. I like to listen to these pieces whilst painting anyway, & so I feel I know them fairly well. They put my brain in the right state of mind to create. The violin partita is a wild & fantastic piece I feel, a veritable firework display of the imagination.

Drawing from the balcony of Chateau de Beduer , up in the ‘gods’, the setting was ripe & conducive for a flight of imagination….

The most amazing eighteenth century Venetian Candlerabra in wrought iron weighing over a ton

the seventeenth century fireplace, fit for a lord with it’s motif, almost like something from Batman’s house…

The antique painted bems high up in the gods….