when photography meets blogging meets photoshop

Le Cloitre des Récollets – La Maison des Vins de Bergerac
photo – adam cope

corrected photo by Dominique Lieppe


when photography meets blogging meets photoshop

One of the interesting things that occasionally happens when photography meets blogging meets photoshop is that photos get retouched according to the particular taste of individual photographers. A bit like the surrealist game of ‘Beautiful corpses’ where several artists draw on the same figure, with the paper folded over. One is no longer restricted to the simple click of the camera.

I was lucky enough to have this happen when I was whinging away in the ether about underexposing the white of page when photographing pencil drawings. Hey presto out of the blue, by way of kindness, Niels at My Camera World came along & fixed the problem. Thanks!

Then recently Dominique came along & did some work on the above photo. Interestingly, photography as ‘plastic’ & maleable as paint, as fictive & not truth?


Je suis le visiteur qui n’aime pas trop le bleu dans la toile des maisons troglodytes.
Sur la photo du blog, j’ai retouché la perspective, retiré du vert, désaturé un peu et retiré le morceau de personne en bas à gauche.
Vous trouverez ci-joint le nouveau fichier.
Je vous en souhaite bonne réception.


One Comment on “when photography meets blogging meets photoshop

  1.  by  Liana Yarckin

    Like the photo, photoshop thoughts. Thank you for your comment on shadows. I am a wimp when it comes to putting in the shadows. Always afraid that I am going to mess it up. If you put the shadows first, then won’t they run into the other colors? I do know of 2 watercolorists that always put the darkest darks in first. They do have very dramatic results.