La Dordogne, Bergerac

‘The Dordogne at Begerac’

The boat is ‘un gabare’, a flat bottomed haulage vessel from yesteryear, used for transporting cargo downstream. Now it’s restored, motorised & hauls tourist both up & downstream.
A long sunny summer, with even october smiling with blue skies 🙂
Back from exhibiting at La Maison des Vin de Bergerac. Two weeks of sunshine whilst manning the show & today, it’s raining… so no painting today, and anyway I’m tired after the show & the masterclass workshop.

Outside the large & generous window, the dordogne was smiling & gleaming in the sunlight. It was good to spend two week closely observing how she changed. Current, wind & sunlight. Snaking starlight, black mysteries. The water patterns & movements are certainly a difficulty subject. I reworked this oil during the exhibition. feel that the water is better understood.

‘Bergerac, La Dordogne Marchande’
Oil on Masonite Panel
approx 55 x 42 cm
© adam cope
see the work in progress for this oil
The river is called ‘marchande’ when the high spring current is fast & deep, carrying the marchandise easily downstream to Bordeaux & overseas. The weather conditions were nearly like the middle of the Altantic sea – black with torrential rain, interspered with the very occassional gleaming clear patch. Nothing like this summer just gone – nothing but blue skies!

‘Bergerac Waterfront’
Oil on Masonite Panel
approx 46 x36 cm
© adam cope

‘Bergerac Waterfront’
half sheet of arches rough 300gms
© adam cope

There was a full sheet watercolour of the same view that sold before I photographed it. I regret not having a photo.

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