The local elections in SW France

‘Titulaire & Suppléant’ 2008
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

Remembering that this is a painting blog with writing & not a writing blog…. let’s keep the politics brief. There are many better places to read about politics than in a painting blog.

Local elections in rural sw france.

The ‘communal’ (parish) & the ‘cantonial’ (next step up of government, between the departmental (county) & communal – centred on the local service town).

Local politics is politics done by local people who give up their time to help their locality.

Given that one doesn’t always want to rise from the dinner table after a day’s work to go to a meeting, the new law is that there is representation by a duo (should one be absent, the other takes over). Also that ‘suppléant’ (support) be of the opposite sex than, the ‘titulaire’ (the title). Anyway, this duo caught my artists-eye, as the ‘monsiuer’ is farmer-horticulturist-maire of the neighbouring commune & the ‘madame’ (no, they are not married to each other…) is mother & dynamic is protecting my son’s school against the closure of classes.