Press Interview, My Clean Atelier & Francis Bacon’s not-so Clean Studio

‘La Cattie, Monbazillac’
Large size oil on canvas
approx 100 x 60 cm
©adam cope
Recently, I was asked to give an interview for Terre de Vin, France’s national glossy magazine about wine. January issue. I’m pretty pleased. I borrowed a large oil from one my collectors so as to share the ‘milliseme’. I’ve painted vines for years now.

My Clean Atelier

I cleaned up my atelier for the visit. Unbelievable! Clean enough to share with you! The pin-hole lens makes it look much larger than it is… or is it just the the lack of debris?


I think I’m fairly clean-living. LOL . I’m not very good at finishing-off stuff, so paintings tend to lay about unfinished. Piling up one on top of the other. Not as mucky as Francis Bacon, whose trashed studio is now relocated at the Hugh Lane in the Dublin City Gallery. How’s this for the all-time prize-winning creative-vortex debris!


Francis Bacon’s Studio

Now relocated at the Hugh Lane in the Dublin City Gallery

The photographer whizzed-in (great geezer on a motor bike, does all the big footie matches in SW Franc) & maybe was a little dispapointed by the cleanliness of my studio. Just look how clean my hairy little sticks were for the occasion.


Paint tubes still retaining evidence of plein-air chaos:

Worst of all, my leaky roof :

Ongoing major headache…. Next year the builders will take the roof off & put a nice warm, waterproof one back on. Last week, I was insulating the attic of the other part of the house. Not art but part of the answer to ‘How come I’ve not painted a masterpiece yet?’ & ‘Where do my days go to?’

‘The days run away like wild horses over the hills’ — Charles Bukowski


3 Comments on “Press Interview, My Clean Atelier & Francis Bacon’s not-so Clean Studio

  1.  by  Carolann

    Thank you Adam for visiting my blog. I like your impressionistic style in all your paintings. I need to paint plein air but the English climate isn’t good. I am learning French as I hope to tour France and paint. Your blog brings a bit of France to me.

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    Glad u like my plein-air paintings.

    u do know that plein-airisme started in rome under the unchangable italian blue skies but many think that it’s finest hour was in an english downpour…

    tips for bad climates : work small, 30 x 40 cm is OK, work quick =three hour sessions & do preliminary work (sketches, compositionals, set up placements) before hand.

    buy a good umbrella?