Painting of Vines in Autumn – Large Size Plein-air Painting

‘Semillion, Labadie, Monbazillac’
Large Size Oil on Canvas
81 x 65 cm (approx 26 x 32 inches)
©adam cope
Here’s the finished state. Here’s the link to its Work In Progress : Lay-in for Plein-Air Large Oil Painting.I went out the next day for a second plein-air session with a mental note ‘yellow & grey and not yellow & pink’. As you can read in the WIP blog entry …. “actually I quiet like the overcast mid-tone grey. Still the weather will dictate to me this evening”. What the note meant was to hold fast to the prior, premeditated decision – made calmly in the studio looking at the WIP – to go for a yellow & grey major colour harmony and not yellow & pink. As a sunset progresses, it generally gets pinker & pinker. If I wanted to keep to grey overcast skies as the major, with only some bands of pink as the minor, I would have to ‘fix’ or ‘stop’ in my mind’s eye the sunset at a relatively early point of its progress.

A tip for Plein-Air Painting

A tip to help this difficult plein-air trick is to consciously divide one’s painting time between sky & land. But then, the danger is that they won’t correspond correctly…. A 4pm landscape on a 6pm sky! Sometimes you have to tinker with plein-air paintings back in the studio to correct this issue.

What do you think? Does sky & land correspond correctly in my above painting?

Here’s the painting with a grey frame so as to keep true to the yellow/grey colour theme.

4 Comments on “Painting of Vines in Autumn – Large Size Plein-air Painting

  1.  by  Cathy Gatland

    Hello Adam 🙂 This is lovely – to me it looks like some late rays of sun are just catching the vineyard, one of those almost freakish tricks of the light, but it is believable, very reminiscent of the last days of summer. The frame works really well!

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    glad u like it cathy 🙂

    thanks for the feedback. r u enjoying all that delicious south african wine? ahhh, a glass of KWV!

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    Thanks Ed

    Something exciting about painting a large canvas with big brushes outside under the shifting light into the sunset!