Notan Photograph – ‘The Wirly Gates’

‘The Wirly Gates’ 2004 © The Artist.
Notan can mean something/nothing as well as dark/light

Notan photography? Is the black emptiness?

Photography has difficult of reading things in shadows. It frequently makes pictures with black nothingness as shadows…

These digital cameras are great for ‘visual thinking’ … working things out in a visual way… kind of important to ‘think like a painter’ (ho hum), meaning to look at things visually … to take time to perceive their ‘abstract’ qualities. Black & white is already more ‘abstract’ than colour. Is that why black & white photography is granted ‘art status’ more readily than colour?

Here’s a little ditty I rhymed up …… don’t worry I don’t sing out loud whilst painting …the point is to think in way that helps you, personally & individually, to paint:

Notes on Notan

one tone
two tone
three tone
four tone

half tone
quarter tone

no tone

not quite a notan I know…