La Maison de L’Écluse, Canale de Lalinde

28 x 38 cm (15″ x11″)Watercolour
Tous Droits Reservés© The Artist. sold.
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The lock keeper’s house. The turquoise splashed on the house are the traces of ‘bouillion bordelaise’ (bordeaux soup) or copper sulphate that used to be the cure-all pesticide splashed on vines & roses etc (now it’s less pictoresque & far more deadly). You can occassionally see rusty iron rods sticking out of old south facing houses, where the used to be an old vine growing. Sadly, wisterias, bigornias etc. have replaced this plantation of domestic vines & the iron rods are frequently taken out. From a painter’s point of view, GREAT SHADOWS! …. and cobalt turquoise light, what a lovesong 🙂