TONALITY : ’14 Juilliet – Fête de la Republique’

28 x 38 cm (15″ x 11″)
Toutes Droits Reservés© The Artist.
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Quatorze Juilliet in Beaumont town. Tressel tables, vin, grillade & frites. Everybody in town, including all the farming families. Disco, dancing, people watching, laughter & neighbours.

Painting in monochrome, using Winsor & Newton Neutral tint on Arches quarter sheet. Night time painting. ‘Sur la vif’, very much on the hoof as people moving very quickly, milling about in visual confusion, difficult to pick out a target, but I enjoyed the fun of the fair. Something about crowds & music that appeals to my painter-self.

Then later on,when the crowd had thinned out, white plastic cups & on-loookers & a few adolescents still eager to play the flirting mating game. The white tressle tables & black sillohouttes making a good tonal subject.

28 x 38 cm (15″ x 11″)
Toutes Droits Reservés© The Artist.


What I particularly like was the sweetie- candy floss stall. If I knew how, I would have painted this but then at half one in the morning, it was not long till the stall & tables would be packed away. The fifth repubique was saved & we all had a good time.

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