Heightened Colour in Photography

heightened colour vs. ‘accurate’ colour

The same question of heightened colour vs. ‘accurate’ colour (what ever that means) applies to photography. Just as it does in painting.. How much do you ‘bump’ the saturation up? The loss is a smooth gradient, of how one colour runs into another. We live in colour sataurated world & taste are for the more”Next comes the fact that the most accurate photos may not be the most pleasing photos to many people.

In reality, many consumer grade cameras offer a simple color shaping matrix that is designed to return pleasing color that results in few complaints from consumers. Most consumers, for example, prefer a little extra sharpness and pop (contrast) in photos. They also like green grass to look really green even when in reality it might be a little yellow/brown. As you begin to move up to high end or dSLR cameras, we see more of a shift toward color accuracy and less of that extra “pop”, but there is often still a balance between accuracy and that “wow” factor of a photo that really leaps off the paper.”
Steve’s Digicams – Tech Corner – June 2006

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