Blah – I hate April Fools Day!

Galina Nikolova has kindly awarded me the PASSION FOR PAINTING AWARD. Galina is a Bulgarian painter whose sizzling works fly off the webpage. I would have gladly awarded her in return but I think it’s not allowed to hand awards back…

It’s a pretty logo isn’t it? A paint brush whose strokes are like flames or petals. Nice work Kim Ratigan. As the logo is her work, I’ve left her tag on this meme. But since itsn’t her who has awarded me, I’ve changed the wording to ‘awarded by artists’ … IMO, the wording ‘awarded by artists’ is honour enough. In fact, just being an artist is honour enough.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank everybody who has commented on my blog. Sometimes, it feels pretty isolated being an artist. Your encouragement & comaradie means a lot to me. Thanks.

And so it’s with great pleasure that I award the seven art bloggers below. I enjoy following their blogs & watching their art journey unfold. I often find myself wondering what their next painting will be. Vive la passion!

Here are the rules of the PASSION FOR PAINTING AWARD:

– List 7 things your love.
– Put a link to the one who picked you.
– Choose 7 others to pass the award to.
– Notify them of the award.

Here are the 7 things I love:

my two young children, Valentin & Eleanor
my wife Marie-Line
my mother & painting holiday assistant, Suzanne
the little corners of wild nature that still exist in the countryside
sunlight, even when cloudy
colour, even when grey

(I hope our cat Khepri isn’t reading this … imagine being upstaged by colour!)

Here are the 7 artists:

Vitali Komarov
Casey Klahn
René Plein-Air
Duane Keiser
Adebanji Alade
Carol Carter
Cathy Gatland

11 Comments on “awarded

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    Merci. I am glad to display a passion for painting, even though I am having stress getting into the studio!

    Does dreaming about the paintings count, even when I am not at the easel?

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    casey : dreaming & a touch of frustration = unrequited love!

    bet you’re building up that passion!

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    cheers fàbio

    these memes, little aknowledgements between artists… blogging is a social medium first & foremost for meeting people. more tha just a bulletin board for self-publicity.

    i thought about your wc’s but you see, someone got there before me!

    paint well everybody.

  4.  by  Carol Carter

    thank you adam….

    thanks for following my blog. i seriously love your new landscape paintings… especially the trees… so beautiful!

  5.  by  Adam Cope

    sorry to have bothered you with this meme Carol, bit of a time waster in terms of money.
    but worth it if it puts fellow artists in touch with each other?

    i follow your blog because i love your paintings.

    four years now i’ve been adamiring your website.

    funny old world.

    yes maybe I should get back to my core subjects, trees & landscapes plein air? stop barking up the wrong tree? diversifying too much?

  6.  by  Galina Nikolova

    Hello Adam,

    I am sure that you like many others of the painters of this virtual area have recieved a lot of compliments and these awards are also a way for us to meet which as you already said is diffucult in our lonely work.


  7.  by  Adam Cope

    Galina – thank you 🙂 A pleasure to meet you.

    actually I don’t find painting lonely, especially as I balance it with self-representating exhibitions in summertime, when the tourists descend on the Dordogne, in which maybe I might meet up to a thousand people per day & the teaching, of course where I’ve meet so many very nice & interesting people.

    and there’s what the Tibetan buddhists call ‘shul’ , meaning emptiness. A path is empty because other people have walked it before you. The beaten track. I often think of all the painters who have come before me. I feel their company in the ‘shul’ sense’. Claude, Blake, Turner, Sargent, Van Gogh, Brayer, Derain, Cezanne, Bonnard, Bell & Grant, etc but not just the masters but all the painters, everyone of them. Even the prehistoric shamans…

    What I do find lonely is my blog…

    over a thousand visitors per month with three hundred repeat visitors, but rarely a comment nor an encouragement. Of course that might be me writing in too teacherly a tone, too off-putting. Or it might just be the voyeuristic-passive nature of internet spectatorship/consumption. Or the jealousies that exist between artists.