Grand Roc, Les Eyezies – large oil painting by Adam Cope

Big but not very good painting this

‘Grand Roc – Les Eyzies, Dordogne’ – Finished state
Oil on Canvas
86,5 x 76 cm (approx 34 x 30 inches).
© Adam Cope
POST SCRIPT 2013 – i don’t think this a good painting. There’s still a challenge for me : how to paint the rocks & cliffs well? I’ve not yet finished with this yet…

a little aside about small & large paintings

This is a large oil painting & not a small oil painting. ie one dimension is larger than 81 cm or
32 inches. Have you noticed how large oil paintings look kind of far away or difficult to see in small sized jpg’s on the internet ? Wilst small paintings tend to look close up & gain in imapct on the internet @ 500 pixels largest dimension… so see above image for a detail which isn’t life-size but it gives you a better feel.


In the upcoming solo show at Galerie Ap’Art in Marcilhac sur Célé , Lot, (4 July – 31 July. Vernissage – lundi soir 4 Juillet ), I will be showing some of my cliffs & rock paintings.