The green Dordogne in sunny spring time

dorgdogne, tableau, peinture plein-air



Commissioned painting
130 x 84cm (approx 52 x 33 inches).

Finished this large oil, which was a commission. I really enjoyed doing this commission.

Partly because the place is just so amazing:
….the view looking behind the other way

Partly because it was great to do a large oil painting ‘en plein-air’ .. it took many days to complete :

…don’t fall off the cliff edge! large canvas blow over in the wind….

& partly because the person was a real pleasure to work with.

The painting itself presented some challenges that I don’t usually undertake in my personal selection of what /how to paint. But flexibility is good for me, I feel. All in all , highly enjoyable.

see the initial compositional sketch

….. to give you an idea of the size (note that the roof is now back on the studio but I haven’t wired up the spot lights yet).