Four Paintings Starring the Moon – Coleridge & Symbolic Language

Four paintings by Adam Cope starring the Moon


‘Le Noyer’
87 x 70 cm
Oil on Canvas
© The Artist.


73 x 54 cm
Oil on Canvas
© The Artist
‘La Lune Rousse’
30 x 40 cm
oil on panel
© the artist

‘Landorre, Quercy’
6 figure (41 x 33 cm)
oil on panel
© the artist


Coleridge talking about the looking at moon & symbolic language

In looking at objects of Nature while I am thinking, as at yonder moon dim-glimmering through the dewy window-pane, I seem rather to be seeking, as it were asking for, a symbolical language for something within me that already and for ever exists, than observing anything new. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge . April14 1805.