32 x 28 cm. Watercolour, Lana 220 GMS
© The Artist.
Figs from the garden.Thinking about how to cook them. Vegetarian resolve goes to pot. The South West is the land of THE DUCK.

Here’s how I’d do them:

Slow fry the duck’s breast in a frying pan, Cook till rosy red but still bleeding. Keep the fat on as this is what you will make the gravy from. Ducks fat spits alot when hot, so watch out ! Take the meat out & stand on carving board. Add figs,turn up the heat & flash fry. Let them caramelise somewhat . Salt, pepper & a twissle of Armagnac (more grapey than Cognac). Burn off alcohol & add some boullion to liquify. Cut the meat in a fan-tail of slices, then pour over the gravy & figs. Serve on a bed of lettuce & toast ,preferrably high gluttenso as to go with ‘stick’ in the fig juice. A glass of high tannin Bergerac red will clean the palette.

‘FIGS’ 1994

‘Figs’ 1994
41 x 28 cm. Chalk.
© The Artist.
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150 € / 100 £ UK / 200 US dollars.
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More comparisons with early work, from the portfolio that was moved out from under the bed. Is old work better left behind, left to the spiders? These comparisons always provoke feelings of unease & disapointment in me. Have I really only come such a little distance, when I wanted to move mountains?