500th Post – La Vallee de Bergerac depuis Monbazillac –

This is the 500th post on this blog (489 published, 11 drafts not yet published).

postcriptum 2013 – been editting down the blog, so this is one will no longer  number 500

Many thanks for your following. Your comments are an encouragement to me 🙂

Just blogging away… Just keep on keeping on… Just painting away 🙂

What else would I do with my hours? Hmmm, well… I really must finish off & publish my ‘How to Paint’ book.


Recently finished this re-working of a large oil which I had had my doubts about. It is now fully realised, or at least arrived at a stage where I can abandon it & move on… It hung about in storage since 2003 till I could make my mind up about it. Here is the finished painting:


la vallee de begerac depuis monbazillac - oil painting by adam cope


‘La Vallée de Bergerac depuis Monbazillac’
Oil on Canvas
81 x 65 cm (approx 32 x 28 inches)
© Adam Cope

Another large oil of the same view dating from the same period :

contemporay painting of vines by adam cope

‘Dionysus’s Patch’

Oil. 85 x 80 cm © SOLD

10 Comments on “500th Post – La Vallee de Bergerac depuis Monbazillac –

  1.  by  My Camera World

    Congratulations Adam as 500 is a impressive number. I guess also this must translate to at least 500 paintings and drawings which is even more impressive.

    Niels Henriksen

  2.  by  Casey Klahn

    So much I can learn from these – thanks for blogging them. I have been having much struggle with yellow, lately.

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    @ Niels , Thanks 🙂

    Actually this doesn’t translate into 500 paintings & drawings. I reckon the count to be around 400, as there’s a fair few posts without new work, such as my art/exhibition/workshop news.

    There was 50 of the 30
    x 40 cm oils plein-air alla primas (more work to load a car & scout out a location than toodle down to the studio & paint a still-life or floral) plus about a dozen 6 figure french format ( 32 x 43 cm I think).

    It was a good project and I learnt loads but it is not really the way I naturally create. I’m rather slow & get side-tracked easily. Not time-rich either.

    Making a decision to go for quality rather than quantity. Not getting stressed out about an artificial dead-line as was trying to limit the time spent in front of computer screen… as I imagine we all know 😉

  4.  by  Adam Cope

    my slow dail-up internet connection sucks and always either wipes out my comment or publishes it twice!

  5.  by  Adam Cope

    @ Casey Thank you for everything my friend

    I find yellow needs at least two other colours to dirty it or ‘break it’, being a very ‘pure’ colour like white.

    Like yr fawn/grey/yellow recent landscape

  6.  by  Adam Cope

    @ thanks Kelly 🙂

    Not exactly ‘a painting a day’ rate of production is it. Some fall that way, others just seem to all come together.

  7.  by  Adam Cope

    #dabblerteer 🙂

    it’s a strange painting … as it’s mostly mid-tone yellow/brown so in some lighting, it looks all soft & muted.whilst in other lighting conditions, the high yellows jump out & ‘sing’. The thing I changed was turning the warm/cool contrast right down.