Trees – 1995

99 x 48,2 cm (39 x19 inches)
© The Artist.

Absent from posting these two weeks. I did however get this down from the attic, whilst battling with the leaking roof.

Knowing when to stop working on a painting…

There’s a whole backlog of unphotographed paintings up there. I did the odd retouch here & there, just correcting the glaring faults in technical matters. What I was saying in the last post, about when one painting becomes another painting & about stopping applies to retouches as well. Even though I’ve evolved since 1995, I didn’t repaint this painting as that was where I was then.

Where am I now? Battling to find the time to paint. Restoring a house, running painting holidays & two young children under the age of four makes me less time rich than I was ten years ago. Hey-ho, things change.

What hasn’t changed is my desire to paint trees.