Rembrandt’s Gesture Drawing

Rembrandt’s Gesture Drawing


Rembrandt Harmensz von Rijn (1606-1669)

Zwei Frauen bringen einem Kind das Laufen bei, um 1640

Kreide auf Papier

British Museum, London, photo wiki

Gesture_Drawing =

Both these articles are great places to start reading about gesture drawing. Nicolades ‘The Natural way of Drawing’ is the best.

I would add that because gestural drawing is so quick, done in such a short time span, training the eye to identify the ESSENTIALS is vital. I suspect that ‘sympathy’ is central. If you can ‘feel’ for the subject , ‘feel’ the action of the pose, ‘feel’ the emotion weight & tension of how the person is moving, then bring your gestures into harmony with their gestures. More like mime, mimic & dance than tight obersvation of visual appearances.

You can read more about gesture drawing here below my gallery of musicians & dancers:
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‘Alison & Her Cello’
Ink & Brush Pen
Approx 30 x 40 cm
© The Artist

‘M-L & E’

sanguine, A5 sketchbook

© adam cope

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