Gestural Drawing of a Musician

pencil & ink
32 x 24 cm
© Adam Cope
My camera & old computer refuse to take properly exposed photos of graphite pencil on white paper.
The fine silver tones of graphite along with the delicate yellow wash make sthis virtually impossibl eto phjoto well
Fiddley dee and fiddley dumb over the hills and away he run…
and piper played and he played and he played
until he ran away
oh and it’s a fiddley dee and fiddled dumb!

One Comment on “Gestural Drawing of a Musician

  1.  by  My Camera World

    HI Adam:

    I took a quick look at your image and on a colour corrected monitor it seems reasonable.
    It does have a slight blue cast in the background white.

    As far as brightness it is nicely captured with just a few specks going absolutely white.

    As for the darkest parts the lowest threshold for the black lines starts around 80 (0 being absolute back).

    There are several free programs that can easily fix these 2 problems if this is what concerns you about the quality of the image.

    If there is something else you would like to discuss, please give me a shout.

    Niels Henriksen

    Npnh at(@)