Leonardo Da Vinci : Rocky Landscape Studies in Pen & Ink

‘Study of a Tuscan Landscape – Val d’Arno’
Pen & Ink, nib on vellum
Approx 15 x 22 cm
Uffizi Museum

‘Study of a Ravine in a Rocky Landscape’
Pen & Ink, nib on vellum
Approx 22 x 15 cm
Windsor Leoni Volume

Been looking again at Leonardo’s pen & inks. I wrote about them here:

I enjoyed reading about them here: http://www.lairweb.org.nz/leonardo/landscape.html

Vasari recorded Leonardo as, “frequently occupied in the preparation of plans to remove mountains or to pierce them with tunnels from plain to plain.”


‘Croix de Renard’ – Detail
Ink & Pastel
© adam cope
I’m not currently planning on moving any mountains, other than maybe a little bit of pottering about in the spring garden;-) And maybe doing some more doodles of rocky landscapes….

‘Deux Bicorne – Bis’
Large oil on canvas

look again at this leonardo oil painting of rocks in one of his backgrounds – wow!


rocks by leonardo on itheir side

rocks by leonardo
on itheir side’
don’t bump your head as you go through!



4 Comments on “Leonardo Da Vinci : Rocky Landscape Studies in Pen & Ink

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    Glad you like them 🙂

    thanks for the encouragement. You know, blogging without any feedback or comments on the behalf of those who read… can be depressing & leads me to ask why am i posting?


  2.  by  Casey Klahn

    I am reading everything you write, bit by bit. This whole rock series is a treasure. I include the wonderful oil “Karst” in this, too.

    Fabulous and the overall force of the da Vinci has me fascinated, too.

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    Yes Leonardo remains surprising. Each generation seems to find something new in his oeuvre.

    Happy you like them 🙂

    I feel the rock series still misses a few important paintings that tie all this research together.