Ilôts dans la Dordogne

‘Ilôts, Pontours, Dordogne – 1’
Oil on Canvas
46 x 38 cm
©Adam Cope
Dark waters fast flowing, white water crests over rapids & reed beds. Opaque water, gun metal grey flavoured with mud. Little islands – ‘ilôts’ – with willow, driftwood & pinky orange cornus reeds. Cormorants & swans. Cold, grey day.Here’s a watercolour study of the same spot but in summer when you can see through the waters to the underworld. Note on the left the silhouettes of the cormorants (properly named, they’re ‘shanks’ actually). Painting fast flowing water isn’t easy. Sometimes you have to look at it with the eye of a fisherman, studying the underworld beneath the surface.

‘River Bed at Pontours’
Quarter Imperial Sheet – 28 x 38cm (15 x 11 inches)
©Adam Cope

Another but from the other bank, looking down the river to Lalinde bridge.

‘Reed Beds at Lalinde’
Oil on Panel
72 x 36 cm
© the artist

2 Comments on “Ilôts dans la Dordogne

  1.  by  Joan Sandford-Cook

    Just enjoying going through your more recent posts having ‘found’ you via Cathy Gaitland whose blog I visit regularly. I too adore her spontaneous Jo’burg urban sketching.
    Had to comment, as my son has a farmhouse 4 miles from Lalinde and I spotted your river scene. Must look you up, assuming you live nearby, next time we spend a holiday break there.
    Love the freedom of your work and the glorious colours.

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    Bonjour Joan

    Glad you like the Dordogne. Isn’t it a beautiful part of the world 🙂

    Yes please do look me up when you’re next down here. Stay ‘in the loop’ via this blog if you like.

    best wishes for 2010