Hardtimes in Rural French Markets

‘Vendeur du Miel’
A5 sketchbook
© adam cope

Poverty & not spending in Rural French Markets

Freezing morning in Castillonnès market. Drew this (cold) seller of honey. The writting says ‘Tarif’. Hand-made products in rural French markets can be pricey. Nobody was buying his honey. When I finished sketching him, I went over to see his honey. He was a ‘producteur’ newly installed in the area, just setting up. He actually turned out to be smiley & friendly. He laughed when I translated ‘Like a Lead Balloon’. I’ve been there too, doing shows when nothing sells…like a lead ballon. Anyway, his sunflower honey was delicious…& reasonably priced.

Here’s another post about rural French markets ‘Cantal Cheese at 43,95 Euros le Kilo’ (!!!! daylight robbery)
” in these hardtimes, it is not just artists who worry about money”

‘Cantal 43,95 €uros le Kilo’
© adam cope

I was thinking that my categories or labels are all up the spout – Sketchbook isn’t a very descriptive label is it? What do you think about ‘streets’? For the people type of scribbles that I like doing… any ideas? ‘Food’ is that any good?