Grand Roc, Les Eyzies, Dordogne – UNFINISHED STATE

‘Le Grand Roc, Les Eyzies’
Oil on Canvas
86,5 x 76 cm ; 34 x 30 inches
© The Artist.
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wip = work in progress

These great rock faces … huge cliffs …. they mark one ……… working on this slow large painting, over the last few days, staring long at the cliff faces, they impression. I can see the sense in theory that the cave paintings were ‘found’ in the rock faces, that the morphology of the stone inspired my comarade-artists. Rosarch ink blots. Even Leonardo said that staring at moldy stains on a wall stimulates craeivity & visions.
At the base of this cliff was a Magadelian settlement, circa 15 000 – 10 000 Before Present (1950). They must have known the anatomy of their home, been intimate with the guardian that loomed above them, & saw it no doubt in a protective manner. ‘Home’.
This is a fundamentally wild landscape, though there is a genteel 19th century planting of conifers & terraces, almost ‘à la Chinoise’. I like this curious meeting of epochs & styles of landscapes.