Croquis des Familles en Vacances à Sarlat

‘Englishman & Son in Sarlat, 1st July 2009’
Pen & Ink
15 x21 cm (approx 6 x 8,2 nches).
© Adam Cope
proud of this one, on th enail… yes! He was so tall, like a leopard, a sprinter, an athelete, his  baby on tow behind him… 10 minute sketch in the crowds, on the pavement…

Detail – Maclaren Pram, a great British invention.

Sketches of Families on Holiday (in the middle of a crowd in Sarlat)

Out of the passing current of crowds & crowds of people in Sarlat, my eye picked out the families on holiday. Having two young children myself, I enjoy watching families moving about on holiday. Something of a spectacle in itself. All permutations : dad & mum, mum & baby, dad & adolescent, etc. The gestures of care amongst themselves are, for me …. positive images of humanity. (we need positive images of humanity now more than ever). These little gestures of care create the ‘family bubble’ inside which…. I wish that they may always be safe & happy.These simple gestures also work against the alienation that Guy DEBORD called “des conditions d’isolement des « foules solitaires »” LA SOCIETÉ DU SPECTACLE ( the conditions of isolation of ‘solitary crowds’).

They are all watching the spectacles.

some pen & inks  @  24 x 32 cm:

Mere et Bébé

Mere et Fille

Pere, Mere et Bébé ( i nearly got slappe dofr this one! enjoyed the irony)

Pere et Bébé


Pere et Fils Adolescent

3 Comments on “Croquis des Familles en Vacances à Sarlat

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    Mere et Fille
    is my favorite among these fine drawings. “Catching” candids is fun drawing – your skill is admirable.

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    thanks casey & cathy 🙂

    they were done ‘sur la vif’… in less than five minutes each one (actually I think the englishman stood still for slightly longer than that) … they happened quickly & sometimes, what comes out surprises me too.. i still done believe that i can really draw figures … but i seem to want to.