Chene, l’Herbe Haute & Grande Distance (Monmarves)

36 x 48 cm. Oil on Panel.© adam cope
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Same landmark tree as before, this time standing in the high grass. Not dark till ten o’clock.

Note that this is 36 x 48 cm & not 30 x 40 cm. It’s a classic french format, a 8 Figure, very pleasing. 8 F was my standard small sized painting for these last five years. It’s larger & squarer. It gives a good stable centre, spacious & generous, a good visual field before you seem to be bouncing off the edges. I will be priming up another batch of the 3 x 4 proportions of ‘photographic’ format; its smaller size means that it’s quicker to lay-in the base of a plein-air painting but sometimes, the landscape does demand … the larger picture. Each set of proportions needs alot of painting before they yield up some of their secrets.