Bergerac Waterfront #3 (Unfinished State)

44 x 56 cm (17 ” x 22″approx) Oil on Panel.© The Artist.
Click on image to enlarge (& see without the blur).

Quai Salvetat vu de La Pelouse. Tableau en état de progres.
Great storms & torrential rains here in the Dordogne for the last few days. I painted this the morning before the storm, with passing clouds & intermittent sunlight, hence the bluish cast to the light.

One Comment on “Bergerac Waterfront #3 (Unfinished State)

  1.  by  Ed Terpening

    Wonderful painting. I am learning to paint architecture now, as I am working on a new series of views from San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park. I like the way you’ve simplified the architecture.