Canoes on the Vézère

Canoes on the Vézère
38 x 46cm (15 x 11 inches).
© The Artist.
450 euros framed
Typical holiday scene from the Dordogne, paddling down stream, under the cliffs, watching the tree-lined banks & groups of laughing holiday makers going by in bright coloured canoes.

My funny & true story … ‘it really DID  happened to me’ a plein-air painter

Funny story: I sometimes paint actually in the water when it’s hot. Sitting up to stomach in running cool water is a nice way of basquing whilst working. Such as the above. Sitting still for hours on end can however attract unwelcome guests…. once whilst painting in the river I was attacked by a lamprey eel! Black & ugly it was & it’s bite gave me quiet serious whelps & burns…
How’s that for an occupational hazard?

4 Comments on “Canoes on the Vézère

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    Can’t say I’ve ever been attacked by an eel, whether painting or not!

    All of your past several posts have been a treat to see, Adam.

  2.  by  boguy

    C’est la rivière de mon enfance, riche en souvenirs. J’aime beaucoup les tournesols, je te fais un peu de pub sur mon blog mais c’est un peu tard pour Bergerac; j’espère que çà a bien marché. Bonne journée, à bientôt.

  3.  by  Adam Cope


    belle riviere d’enfance…

    merci pour le pub, il faut que j’ia chez-toi pour voir tes superbe clihches