Camera Manufacturor’s Default Now Reimbursed

‘Dordogne Marchande, Lalinde’ photograph by Adam Cope

I used to have a good digital camera & used to photograph ‘en plein air’ whilst painting. Here’s a snap I took whilst painting ‘Reedbeds at Lalinde’ (see a few post previously). It was a Minolta Dimage A1, which I had a for a brief couple of years, before the internal processor stop processing. Last week, after a six month wait, I was finally reimbursed for this manufacturor default.

Anyway, I’m now reimbursed for the totality of the buying price (no ‘jouaissance’ however). Sony Minolta have stopped making cameras (I’ve always had a minolta) & now am looking for a new camera. I need lots of photos for my ‘learning to paint’ book that I’ve been working on during these last five years. Watch this space.