Vers Cunéges depuis Montlong

48 x 61 cm. Oil on Canvas. 2006. Ask for price.

I was rooting around in my painting stock & dug this one out from last autumn. Always a bit of a jolt to redsicover old works. I’m getting ready for an exhibition ‘Festivale Flore Faune en Périgord Pourpre’ (Cunéges, 26 mai – 2 juin), & so I guess some framing is to be done (yawn). The vines, of course, what else? I thought the clouds in this one were a fine example of cirrus & vapour trails, the heavy humid winey fermenting whitish glow that sits over the ripe grapes… I hope this blast from the past isnt throwing the blog’s realtime streamingout of kilter! Outside, it is spring. No painting today.