Our New Website! Blogging again

Our New Website!


We’ve recently done a total overhaul: A new design. A complete rewrite of text. And a new selection of images from our sixteen years of running painting holidays. Guy Hazell, a website designer in Rome, did the bulk of the work.  It was great to collaborate on a daunting & somewhat overwhelming project.  Guy is an old friend. We used to paint together when adolescents & we even made a paper cut-out stencil in half-tones then went on to silkscreen print it.  Of course all this was before the time of html or java script or photoshop…

Difficult migration from blogger to word press…

The migration from old to new site has been … bumpy… & caused a serious fall in google web ranking. Here are a few problematic links for the spiders & the crawlers & rankers & the *@*#/!ankers – actually the art work isn’t tooobad, worth a look & hey who knows, maybe even a comment? every child is an artist  Pencil Drawing of a Busker playing a guitar  Electric Guitar Busker – ‘L’Assurance Vie’ – life insurance?  a project : Paintings of Painters Painting : Drawings of Draughts-Persons Drawing Paintings of Painters Painting : Drawings of Draughts-Persons Drawing small size oils

 We’ll be blogging again, blogging again….

Soon when we’ve fixed a few things, I hope we’ll be blogging again, blogging again & happily singing away to myself alone in cyberspace, which  actually probably is the best place of an artist to be… intimate diaries show this, don’t they?   This isn’t the whole story tho’ as I’ve made fsome fabulous ‘cyber friiends’ & done some good business with the net… so smile & blog on ( and try not to sing to myself out loud on the internet )

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