NOTAN : ‘Poisson Frais du Marché’

15 x 21 cm. Felt Tip Pens on Paper. Notan study.
Tous droits reservés. Copyright – The Artist.
BTW, this was a demonstration piece of last week’s painting workshop here in france

French Market Places

The fish-monger’s wife was a cubist delight, a three tone design with a flip of a fin.

Market day is wonderfully animated with lots of commotion & visual complexity. Learning to concentrate under such lively conditions can be of great use to a plein-airist. Working ‘sur la vif’, sketching in public, on location, with people looking at you, these elements require a kind of opening oneself up to moving world of passers by, which can ,actually & surprisingly, be very inspiring. Rather than being a distraction, people’s curiousity can actually be a spur for inspiration. Here in France, most people reallly want you to succeed & paint a master piece!

Here’s a night-time ink drawing from Sarlat, where there was literally THOUSANDS of people milling about, watching the spectacles. All the fun of the fair, the world & his wife. Artist stay inside your bubble of concentration and gently sway with the commotion, remember you do not own the scene in front of you but like everyone else, are merely moving through – ‘du passage.’

‘Belle Nuit d’Été à Sarlat’
Encre chine, papier Moulin de la Rouzique.
Tous droits reservés. Copyright – the artist.