New Label : French Market Places

A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

‘Un producteur’ of traditional pork, reared in the fresh air. Cruelty free. Said his pigs were a bit muddy at the moment but that I could come & draw them in spring time. I ordered a ham for Christmas Day breakfast. There was anglo-french carol singing, beautiful to hear, even if my quick scribble looks a bit miserable. How to represent music? Most of all singing? That round open mouth risks looking ridiculous. I think of some of those beautiful Renaissnace angels with their singing mouths wide open, with that special expression that sometimes comes over singers.

A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

OK, the new category label ‘French Market Places’ is now in place. Sketches. No large paintings yet. Feeling my way into a new subject matter. Still plein-air, sur la vif. Not from photos (as of yet). The time has come to develop these into finished works. But how?

Off an tangent? Again…oh la la! I kind of do really do think feel about that thing that a landscape is as much about the people that live & shape it as the actual elements, the trees, the buildings, etc.

Painter paint.

‘Conserves – Marché de Villeréal’

‘Vendeur de Poissons’

2 Comments on “New Label : French Market Places

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    In the pork salesman, I am drawn to the case – perhaps the glass effect? Am I trying to see through?

    Cool approach to your new subjects. I’ll be studying drawing some more in the next few posts, too.

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