Markets in Dordogne – Inflation in France

‘Cantal 43,95 €uros le Kilo’
© The Artist.

Markets in Dordogne

Cold morning in Issigeac marché, everyone dressed up against the chilly wind. Hats ‘de rigor’. This market stall owner dresssed up with a ‘chimney-stack’ type hat & ‘handle bar’ moustache. Smiling. These winter off-season markets are friendly events 🙂

Inflation in France

No doubt his cheese is delicious but it is also very expensive. I’ve seen more expensive however. Up to 70 €uros le kilo in Sarlat in summertime markets. Maybe it wasn’t the humble Cantal, maybe it was gold or something? It is of course a scam foor cheating careless tourist, but it only goes to solidify a bad reputation…

Of course, not all cantal retails at this price. In a supermarket, you’d expect to pay somewhere around 12 euros le kilo, for something good though it doubtless won’t be as good as a hand-made cheese.

In France, now during these difficult economic times (though most of us live better than one hundred years ago), it isn’t just ‘les artistes’ who worry about money.