Markets in Dordogne – Inflation in France

‘Cantal 43,95 €uros le Kilo’
© The Artist.

Markets in Dordogne

Cold morning in Issigeac marché, everyone dressed up against the chilly wind. Hats ‘de rigor’. This market stall owner dresssed up with a ‘chimney-stack’ type hat & ‘handle bar’ moustache. Smiling. These winter off-season markets are friendly events 🙂

Inflation in France

No doubt his cheese is delicious but it is also very expensive. I’ve seen more expensive however. Up to 70 €uros le kilo in Sarlat in summertime markets. Maybe it wasn’t the humble Cantal, maybe it was gold or something? It is of course a scam foor cheating careless tourist, but it only goes to solidify a bad reputation…

Of course, not all cantal retails at this price. In a supermarket, you’d expect to pay somewhere around 12 euros le kilo, for something good though it doubtless won’t be as good as a hand-made cheese.

In France, now during these difficult economic times (though most of us live better than one hundred years ago), it isn’t just ‘les artistes’ who worry about money.

4 Comments on “Markets in Dordogne – Inflation in France

  1.  by  Stew

    Cantal – very versatile cheese. Probably closest french cheese to cheddar, specially since you can get it young, mature or entre deux.
    There was a program on tv saying that in these tighter times the french were spending less but going for quality over price, thus the artesenal produce didn’t suffer.
    I’m not convinced. Unfortunately Lidl (or Lydale’s if you are posh like me) doesn’t stock Cantal. Cantal is the only proper (not babybel or vache qui ri) that my daughter will eat.

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    leader price make a good cantal ‘entre doux’

    come to agen & make plum chuctney, then every is sweet!

    stew- best o’ luck with the baby (girl) food

  3.  by  William Lesourd

    Those cheese mongers are well known in the Dordogne region for riping off tourist by selling them cheese that is almost twice as expensive as it ought to be. The cheese is not local as it comes from the Cantal/Auvergne region.
    I heard it was like a franchise whose founder lives near Périgueux. He only recruits people who can smile, charm the punter (like Del Boy) and sell them as much cheese as possible. 100 measly grams of cheese cost around €4.00 (compare it with what it would cost you to buy the equivalent cheese from a supermarket or even from a bonafide cheesemonger).
    Never buy from these guys, no matter how charming they appear to be. It’s all acting and they are only after your ‘porte-monnaie’.
    I will soon talk about it on my (French) blog and I am currently gathering evidences. If you would like to tell me what you felt when you left the stall with in hand something that almost cost as much as caviar, go to my blog and click on ‘Mon formulaire de contact ›’ I will translate your account into French (but I will keep the English version as my article will be mainly for tourists from abroad). Your name and personal details will remain confidential. W

  4.  by  Adam Cope

    hard cheese!

    i didn’t buy any cheese from him but i did draw him, thus making a product which has a weight to price ratio even more expensive than his cheeese….