line drawings

line drawings of a boy’s head


i thought this was a little bit ancient egyptian, no?


OK I still wish I was a sculptor tho’ then i ‘d make the above line drawing into a low relief carving in limestone in the heretic style… fantasy of course as i’m far too busy replying to all the comments here on this blog 😉


OK cheesed off again


back to drawing board




4 Comments on “line drawings

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    glad u like ’em

    u know, watching my kids grow, looking closely at them day by day, getting to know their features, the minute daily changes that one suddenly observes and remarks ‘not the same since last winter’… the small daily changes. growth. i wanted to observe these. never thought of myself as much of a portrait artist…just looking at my kids.growing. maybe these drawings will add up to a ‘growth series’, tho’ it’s not so much faces as what they’re doing & what they’re feeling. childhood is magical.

    how r your kids doin’? growing up i imagine!

  2.  by  Casey Klahn

    They’re well, although my son has had some skin problems. At 8.5 years of age, he got one that put him in the hospital overnight. Just now trying to shake the last of three skin viruses in a row.

    I wish the urge would hit me to draw them the way you are. Too dear for me, maybe. Instead, I draw degas copies.

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    sorry to hear about your boy. worry for u & upsetting for him.

    re-u drawing your kids. i suspect that you’re a little less ‘direct’ or ‘confrontational’ with your encouneter with reality than i. thus ‘sur la vif’ & ‘plein air’ probablmy isn’t your cup of tea. something a littla more studio base & from memory maybe?