lili 12/5/10

‘lili 12/5/10’
pencil portrait of little girl
© adam cope

pleased with is one – the likeness is a dead ringer too – yes!


why am i sharing this you, oh anonymous web surfer unknown to me ? why do i bother sharing on the internet?


4 Comments on “lili 12/5/10

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    My favorite is this one. Very wonderful drawing, Adam.

    Verification serendipity: dadevate.

  2.  by  Olivia

    Adam, je decouvre votre blog suite à un message de Fabio Cembranelli.
    Magnifique ce dessin de Lili. Beaucoup tendresse… et toute l’innocence de l’enfance. Une certaine idée du petit Prince version “Princesse”, j’aime beaucoup !