How to Book your Painting Holiday au Château de Sanse


Sanse Holiday vignetteWelcome to the business section.


 Prices Per Painter  
Painting Course Fee 450
Chateau Fee per person, based on two people sharing a standard room 980
Total 1430
‘Terroir & Cuisine Course.’   Pay on Arrival. 400
Single Person Supplement 120


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Please follow these steps. Click on the accordion bars to see more information:

1. Fill in the Booking Form

Please complete the booking form. Here you will also find the terms & conditions.

2. Pay the Chateau Deposit

50% of the total Chateau fee.

Payable on booking directly to  ‘Le Chateau de Sanse’ (Siret : 45195425900029). Payment by credit card or bank draft. 

Students need to get in touch with the Chateau de Sanse & mention ‘Adam Cope Painting Course’. During the winter off-season, the hotel reception desk is open part-time (mostly mornings), so it’s easiest to email  They will email back an invoice with their bank details which you can pay by bank draft.

If you want to pay by credit card, email them first for your invoice. Then try by phone on : 00 33 (0)5 57 56 41 10 (till April 2018, mornings are the best time to catch english speaking Laurence the Manageress).

Visit their Website

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3. Pay for the Painting Course

450€ per student. 400€ returning student.

Due 90 days before the start of the course. Payment directly to  Adam Cope (business license 41962662700030). Established 1997

Payment via our secure online store either by :

  • Credit Card (25€ handling fee)

or you can pay via Bank Transfer. Only for Europeans in the SEPA zone (includes UK. Your bank will simply convert sterling to euros).  Go to online shop &  complete an order with all your details. Then you will receive a pdf invoice which includes our banking details.

  • Name : Mr Adam Cope
  • Sort code: BOR
  • IBAN: FR9220041010011293312T02253

Upon payment, you will receive a receipt/confirmation of booking as well as the materials list.

4. Pay the Chateau Balance

The remaining 50% outstanding balance.

Due three months before course start date.
20 March for the June Course.
3 July for the September Course.

If you have any queries, please feel free to telephone Adam : 00 33 +5 53 01 22 91.  The time in France is GMT +1 hour.

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