Exhibition at Chateau de Saussignac, Dordogne

‘Wild Wood at the Time of the Vernal Equinox’
Oil on Canvas
96 x 76 cm
© Adam Cope
1400 euros

I’m ‘l’Invité d’ Honeur’ (literally ‘star guest’ but is a nice french custom of inviting an artist to exhibit, who will featured & promoted, often in the context of a group show) at Saussignac this year.

The theme of the show is ‘L’Arbre dans tous ses États’ (the tree in all its states) & there’s about en of my paintings exhibited plus a stone lithograph from 1996. I ilke the show & the venue is exceptional. Really beautiful girondin type of chateau, a little bit like the Chateau de Cardaillac. If you don’t know the Chateau de Saussignac, then this would make a grat day out!

Show runs from 1 st to 16 th August. Opening times are 15 hr – 19 hr weekdays & 10 hr – 12 hr & 15 hr – 19 hr at the weekends. I’ll be present the Saturday 15 th during the afternoon & Sunday 16 th orning & afternoon