Dessin d’un Garde Champêtre – Drawings of French Market Places

‘Le Garde Champêtre de Bergerac, Périgord’
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

OK, new category title ‘FRENCH MARKET PLACES’, which I must update the previous posts in this blog as some of the buskers play in the market places & soome of the portraits are of local farmers selling their wares. So to simplify those pesky labels, I’m going ditch the ‘SKETCHBOOK’ label but keep the ‘DRAWING’ category, more as a headcount rather than as a precise label.

Le garde champêtreêtre

Le garde champêtre est un fonctionnaire ayant pour mission la protection de la campagne.Selon le pays, le garde champêtre peut être un agent de police, un militaire, un gendarme, ou un garde forestier.

OK did you get that? A garde Chamêtre is a civil servent who has the mission of guarding the countryside. Depending on the region, he may be a police agent, a soldier, a gendarme or a forest guard.

This splendid chap is the Guard Champêtre of Périgord ( the ancient name for the Dordogne region including some of Lot & Garonne). I drew him in Bergerac market place, even though he was moving about. Two minute pose, which I worked up later. He told me that he doubles up as the Town Crier & , shoosh, don’t tell anyone, he has some appearances in a red & white custom this Xmas.

Good drummer too so I’m labelling him ‘MUSIC’ as well.