Wet August Downpour

38 x 28 cm. WATERCOLOUR.© The Artist. available
Watercolour in the pouring rain…. is closer to circus than painting? To have come out from underneath the umbrella with ANYTHING AT ALL would have been an achievement!

‘wet on wet’ technique

The ‘wet on wet’ technique has something of a ‘zen’ to it. Kind of not doing anything but letting the water do the work. Not to overly work it, else this might ‘worry’ the way that the water & pigment wants to go. Of course in the middle of a tormential downpour, one can either curse & panic or just get philosophical.I seem to have the urge this year to work in challenging situations like ‘sur le vif’ live in the crowds, in the public eye, with spectators , drawing people moving about… or rain storms…

hmmmm, is there any wisdom here?