Vendanges – Journée Ensoleillée (Unfinished State)

81 x 50 cm approx. © adam cope

Another painting from my ‘cuvée vendanges 2006’. Needing to finish off my larger paintings for this year’s exhibitions, which are fast approaching. All the teaching to be done as well… tempus fuigit.

repainting an oil painting – finishing an oil painting

This is a slow painting, which takes its time to be finished. I think of those stories of Bonnard, who could never ‘finish’ a painting, of how even when bed-ridden before his death, was asking his newphew to repaint certain patches. ‘A brush in one hand, a cloth in the other’. He would have had a complete horror of fast-shooting ‘a painting a day’ minatures.
For myself however, I feel there’s still mileage for me in plein air small size works & want to continue on with this project. I’m priming up another batch of panels, so ‘aux pinceaux Adam’. I’m happy with a balance between large, slower paintings & small, quick paintings.

4 Comments on “Vendanges – Journée Ensoleillée (Unfinished State)

  1.  by  Ed Terpening

    Hey Adam, your painting isn’t shown in the blog post, at least on my Mac.

    I love hte painting on the side-bar, above “SLOW…”. Fantastic color. it’s very difficult to get warm colors to recede, but clearly you did it.

  2.  by  Adam

    hi ed

    thanks – i think i’ve now fixed the jpeg problem.

    glad you like the winey painting. you know you can tweak most paintng ‘rules’ as eyesight is more complicated than rules of thumb & sometimes you have too anyway as the painting demands it…’the lie that tells the truth’ Picasso.

  3.  by  Anonymous

    I love the colors! Looks like its all brillant and bright. Wish i was there!

  4.  by  Cathy

    Beautiful painting. I hope the finished painting is as great as this.